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Three most recent blog posts:

Weekly Reflection – 14/12/2021

In order to create our website, we made a shared login to the Wix website, so we could both add information and change things. We started off by creating our homepage, and adding headings for the different tabs that would include different parts of the course… click here to go to the blog

Weekly Reflection – 07/12/2021

This week, we got our feedback for our essays about hybrid learning during the covid-19 pandemic. I was actually rather ill whilst carrying this work out, and really worried about what grade I would achieve, and struggled with the 750 word maximum word count. However I managed to achieve 70 out of 100 which I am really happy with… click here to go to the blog

Weekly Reflection – 30/11/2021

Our pre-production planning document went really well, but if I were to be objectively critical, there were extra things we could have included that would have given us a higher mark. Also having watched other groups present their proposals, there were elements I would have liked to include in ours, such as making reference to user types, and elements of gamification… click here to go to the blog

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