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Weekly Reflection – 30/11/2021

Our pre-production planning document went really well, but if I were to be objectively critical, there were extra things we could have included that would have given us a higher mark. Also having watched other groups present their proposals, there were elements I would have liked to include in ours, such as making reference to user types, and elements of gamification.

We achieved a score of 73 out of 100 from Nigel, which is a very good mark, and specifically on the mark scheme, our grade boundary states:

“There is articulation of and reflection on the relationship between theory and practice in the workplace. Reflection has been used to develop a coherent personal theory of learning and to give a range of ways in with professional practice can be refined, with due regard to issues of equity and social justice.”

In our written feedback, it said we could have done more deconstruction and evaluation of similar mooc examples alongside mock-ups of our ideas – This is definitely something I would have liked to incorporate, as we only had an example of our homepage, an example of a question asking about the user’s competency, and our flowchart of how the user would make their way through the course. The section on learning theory was identified as a strength of our work, which was good, as I spent a long time trying to identify which theories are related to our proposal. However, it was mentioned that we could have identified more contemporary theories about multimedia – Whereas I focussed on theories that I was very familiar with, and have studied throughout the foundation year and Year 1 on the education course. We were given a link to a learning theory timeline that gave major ideas from educational psychology – link here (Thomas, 2020) – but I found it quite overwhelming seeing the incredibly long list of theories I hadn’t come across before, so I stuck to the ones I already knew. Also, it was mentioned in the feedback that we could have drawn up a table to clearly show how the specific features related to specific learning theory.


Thomas, H. (2020) Learning theories timeline: key ideas from educational psychology. Available from: [Accessed 30 November 2021].


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