Weekly Reflection – 14/12/2021

In order to create our website, we made a shared login to the Wix website, so we could both add information and change things. We started off by creating our homepage, and adding headings for the different tabs that would include different parts of the course, for example, we had a ‘Recipes’ tab, that wouldContinue reading “Weekly Reflection – 14/12/2021”

Weekly Reflection – 07/12/2021

This week, we got our feedback for our essays about hybrid learning during the covid-19 pandemic. I was actually rather ill whilst carrying this work out, and really worried about what grade I would achieve, and struggled with the 750 word maximum word count. However I managed to achieve 70 out of 100 which IContinue reading “Weekly Reflection – 07/12/2021”

Weekly Reflection – 30/11/2021

Our pre-production planning document went really well, but if I were to be objectively critical, there were extra things we could have included that would have given us a higher mark. Also having watched other groups present their proposals, there were elements I would have liked to include in ours, such as making reference toContinue reading “Weekly Reflection – 30/11/2021”

Weekly Reflection – 23/11/2021

Next week our essay around Hybrid learning and it’s impact during the Covid-19 pandemic is due. I have been working on it everyday since our pre-production planning document, as I wanted to get that out of the way first, then have the week to really focus in on analysing the article. The article we hadContinue reading “Weekly Reflection – 23/11/2021”

Weekly Reflection – 16/11/2021

Presentation Day! This came around really quickly, but I think as a pair, we managed to get our ideas together and produce a planning document that is cohesive and shows a clear route through our online course and explains the reasons why it’s needed, a flow diagram of how the user will make their wayContinue reading “Weekly Reflection – 16/11/2021”

Weekly Reflection – 26/10/21

This week our lecturer Nigel suggested we have a ‘design sprint’, which involves 5 stages: Understand, Diverge, Converge, Prototype, Test. In order to do this, we got in groups and had big sheets of paper to write all of our ideas down. Although we already had our idea of the student cooking mooc, this enabledContinue reading “Weekly Reflection – 26/10/21”

Weekly Reflection – 19/10/21

Week 2 of the course gave us more information on learning theories involved with online learning courses, including an introduction to the idea that behaviourism, constructivism and social constructivism were not sufficient enough to explain the learning process of online learning. Therefore a modern theory was created to explain learning in a post-internet world, calledContinue reading “Weekly Reflection – 19/10/21”

Weekly Reflection – 12/10/21

This week was our first week back for our second year of the undergraduate education course. I’m really excited to delve deeper into the digital side of education, development and design. We had a couple of weeks to get into the flow after a long summer break, with some pre-set work around learning theories andContinue reading “Weekly Reflection – 12/10/21”

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